• What is your name? – Flynn
  • How old are you? – 5
  • When is your birthday? – March
  • how old is daddy – same age as mommy
  • how old is mommy – same age as daddy
  • what is your favourite colour – green
  • what is your favourite food – roti
  • who is your best friend – Harrison
  • what is your favourite animal – gorilla
  • what are you scared of – monsters
  • what makes you happy – rindy
  • where is your favourite place to go – grandmas
  • what do you want to be when you grow up – chef
  • what is mommy’s favourite thing to do – hug me
  • what is daddy’s favourite thing to do – squish me

Editor’s Note: For posterity, Harrison is the name of a classmate, Rindy is our younger dog, and green is associated with all things Incredible Hulk

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