Hey @CrazyIdeasNZ your books are cool! https://t.co/Ea2f6ouFfy

The Queen caught me! #aliceinwonderland at @Te_Papa https://t.co/BpNSeEaceP

Joining the war effort at #gallipoli at #tepapa https://t.co/RNFyt9uNt1

#pridemarch with Auntie @MABTaylor! https://t.co/IL0q8l1ekJ

Visited the pounamu museum in Te Kauwhata! https://t.co/Rt3s1dtbGF

I’ve given my stormtrooper a fabulous accessory https://t.co/SEa858SgKQ

Having dinner with mom aka @vivster81 at Orca in #whaingaroa https://t.co/fgfAcA8yzD

Future pool shark https://t.co/bSRYSJph2L

Playing a game, all casual-like https://t.co/M5f1USZiia

Wee bit of binary when I’m bored #digitaltech #steamkids https://t.co/VjR14d5DgI