Ahhh lockdown means I have chores #dusting https://t.co/aB4OBs0oim

I’m in Beauty and the Beast with @nytcnz and here are some photos from first rehearsal https://t.co/711npSjr0T

Oh hai, just casually reading a book https://t.co/TsyW7I0eZw

I’d forgotten how it is when there is a doggo in the house! #amberAnnualChandraHoliday https://t.co/QwlHr5k9hT

I’m an artist! #wetaworkshopunleashed https://t.co/VY9rXPUMvc

I got shrunk! #wetaworkshopunleashed https://t.co/5CrKLkRe8L

The trolls got meeeee #wetaworkshopunleashed https://t.co/jWM4XLym0y

#legominifig collection! https://t.co/Gx739XA7ea

Version 2 is much better. #imgettingbetter https://t.co/mHgb1kfjya

I’m thinking of a new career as a clown #madeitmyself https://t.co/kQYDbuYVPl