I won the top academic award for my class today 👨‍🎓 https://t.co/27xuGPY0AE

It’s me… I figured it out…eventually https://t.co/P2241jnpgl

This is Frank, the kiwi I hatched from an egg, in the basil https://t.co/EYmaPejv3N

Cleaning up in my first ever poker game https://t.co/Tyw3bH5sRw

I discovered if you put the magnet on the lid of the magnetic putty and then leave it for ages, you end up with a volcano of putty #steam https://t.co/OSujtllSBS

My persuasive writing homework is on the front page of @amnestynz website and the mean police attacking the Belarus people https://t.co/FicnOZAASi https://t.co/So61qsqtyb

I was a scientist in my school play today! https://t.co/84BbIvGXwl

Hey auntie @Hilary_Barry, mom told me it’s #formalfriday https://t.co/FzOit6S4Ao

Made a quill and I’m doing my writing homework in a dragon notebook, 2020? Naa more like 1620 https://t.co/wAmVnzZPOZ

I’m off to perform in “Disco” with National Youth Theatre! https://t.co/afM51swhe4